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Accelerate Pre-Launch Video #3

How To Delegate & Outsource “Busywork”

In this new video from Eben Pagan, he explains how to delegate and outsource work – so you can get back your time to grow your business (just opt-in to watch it): How To Delegate, Outsource & Hire

Inside, you’ learn:

> How to delegate the “busywork” that you are doing in your business – in order to free up that time to do the much higher value-producing activities that earn you the most profit

> Which activities to delegate first, and how to know when you’re doing something that is the highest possible value (and when you’re not)

> The only 2 things you should be doing with your time in order to grow your business the fastest and earn the most profit (and only ONE of them has to do with “working” inside your business)

> How to write an ad that attracts a super star – rather than someone average or below average

> The personality traits and qualities to look for when hiring someone, to make sure that they will be the kind of person who gets things DONE

…and much, much more.

This video actually gives you the ad that Eben has used to hire his last assistants – and it’s jam-packed with useful nuggets of gold for you to use and model.

Go watch it here (again, just opt-in to see it now):

If you’re ready to grow your business to the next level, this video is a must.


37 websites analyzed (torn apart, actually!)

I emailed you a few weeks ago, asking you to send me your website – so I could make a new video critiquing the ones that were submitted.

It’s done, and it’s going to surprise you. Why?

Well, not only was this one of the most FUN videos that I’ve ever made, it was also one of the most powerful.

And I’ll confess something: I went a little further than to just “critique” – it was more like “tearing them apart”… lol.

You’ll also learn three questions that you MUST answer within the first three seconds that someone visits your website, along with the two most powerful marketing sentences that I’ve ever seen (these are unbelievable).

So a little warning before you watch: Put on your “thick skin” and get ready to go fast!

Go here to watch me analyze 37 different websites that were submitted to me:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

::: Are You Good At Spotting Mistakes? :::

If you are good at spotting changed details, intentional mistakes, & hidden inconsistencies, then you’re going to really have fun with this video.

Inside, I’ve HIDDEN a mistake. It’s something that anyone can find, if you use these as your clues:

1) This email

2) The page with the video on it

3) The video itself

The first person to spot the intentional mistake, and who emails me at the address that I tell you inside the video wins…

::: A Brand New MacBook Pro :::

…with the extra-fancy Retina Display.

And this is open to everyone – you just have to be the first to email me with the correct answer.

Here’s the link again:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

Make sure you click “like” and leave me a comment after you watch – and sign up for the live webinar I’m doing later this month, where I’m going to teach some of the keys to getting more customers and growing your business


Check it out!


Dan Kennedy and Dave Dee Magnetic Marketing Free Live Event

Dan Kennedy and Dave Dee Magnetic Marketing Free Live Event

Clear out some serious space on your calendar on THURSDAY February 27th from starting at 12pm (noon) Eastern time… because my friend Dave Dee of GKIC has pulled together a very special Video Training session with one of the legends of marketing and sales himself, Dan Kennedy.


This Is A One-Time Only Event Where You’ll Discover:

“How To Create A Flood of New Customers…
How To Create A Cash Flow Surge…How To

Magnetically Attract Prospects Who Are Pre-disposed To
View You As An Expert And Trusted Advisor AND
From You…Plus Much, Much More!”

Click Here To Register For Dan Kennedy’s Free Live Event


[ProfitHacks] Livestream Highlights – Click Here To Watch It Now

This is our BIGGEST video yet. Full of incredible highlights from our Livestream Event with me and ProfitHacks creator Pete Williams.

We’ve got 3 levels of proof and case studies for this baby.

  • A round-up/highlights of the output and teaching produced during the awesome livestream.
  • YouTube video snippets from the livestream audience that take up our challenge to them and implement lessons within 24 hours.
  • Testimonials + Case Studies from previous students who have got amazing results!

Watch The Livestream Highlights Video Here


 Content Leverage System – creating and syndicating a diverse set of content from a single “core” piece. In this rare training video, you’ll see firsthand the step-by-step process Pete Williams uses to make this happen.

You can checkout this “Content Leverage System” for yourself in his latest video.

Click here to watch Video 3 Training – Content Leverage System


[LIVE EVENT] Get More Done in 6 Hours Than Most Do in 6 Weeks

It’s happening TOMORROW at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST.
Register for the free livecast here!

I hear it everyday from entrepreneurs and business owners…”I need more arms to do all the things I need to do, and more time to get them done!”

Think about what you do on a daily basis just to keep from falling behind…Answering emails? Making conference calls? Reviewing your bottom line?

The truth is, if you’re struggling to keep your head above water, you are most likely spending your time, money, and resources on the WRONG things. If you knew WHAT the right things were, and exactly HOW to do them, here’s what you could accomplish…

Register for the free livecast here!


Hope you enjoyed watching Video 1 of my “Emergency” Video Training Series.

Today Video 2 is ready for you, which you can watch here:

In Video 1, you found out about the “Mind Virus” running wild online.

And a way to find out if you’re already “infected”.. if you’re stuck in one of the classic “mind virus” traps… Paralysis… The Wheel…. or The Wall.  Today, you’ll uncover the three “root causes” of becoming stuck in these traps…

And I’ll introduce you to one sharp entrepreneur who can help you free yourself from all of these traps for good.  So you can get on with the business at hand…

Growing your online business so it will provide what you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

(Be sure to watch for the “special surprise” at the end of Video 2.)  So take a few minutes now and: Watch “Emergency” Video 2 Here


[Free Training] The Mind Virus Is Spreading…

Rich Schefren‘s Free Access EMERGENCY Video Training Series Reveals… “How One Simple Shift Can Make You IMMUNE To The Business-Destroying “Mind Virus” Running Wild Online…

Click Here For Rich’s Free Video Training – Mind Virus


Rich Schefren’s 1st FREE report in 5 years is NOW available… The Information In This Report Is So Critical, So Vital to Every Entrepreneurs Success That We’re Giving It Away FREE. ( No charge. No opt-in).

Click Here to Download This Free Report


Want to give you a last chance at getting in on Profit Hacks from Rich Schefern and Pete Williams.

Check out what’s in it for you:

* 40% Commission on the $1,497 price
* Thats $598.80 commission on every sale
* $200,000 in Affiliate Prizes (whoa)
* Top 20 affiliates get cash and prizes
* Top 3 affiliates are personal guests at the
table for Elton John’s closed-door Oscar Party!
Launch Dates -

* October 29th – November 5th

http://profithacks.com/jv/ <—–

The program features a series of shortcuts that will show your clients how to multiply their income, while working 90% less than they
do right now.

So far sales + testimonials from their two internal launches for Profit Hacks have been nothing short of amazing.

The first test had 523 attendees on the livestream, and when the offer was made, 268 bought.

That’s a 51% conversion rate.

And for the recent “dress rehearsal” launch to the “non-buyer” list, they grabbed a $4.24 EPC… and that calculation was based on 40% commissions, not gross sales.

We expect this external launch to be even bigger with higher EPCs for all of you. And we’re excited to have your support. Profit Hacks was designed with your customers in mind…

Come October 29th, you’ll have the opportunity to start promoting this well-tested, proven product that clients are already raving about to your own list.

I recommend you click on the links here to get all the details…support Profit Hacks and get on your way to putting super nice commissions in your pockets…

http://profithacks.com/jv/ <—–